How Do You Spell Conservation?

How do you spell conservation? At the Shiawassee Conservation District office, we spell it S-W-A-P-A-H-E. It is our mission to help Shiawassee County residents protect and conserve our natural resources. We do this through education and conservation planning, considering each natural resource – Soil, Water, Air, Plants, Animals, plus Humans and Energy. Take the first letter of each word and you get SWAPA+HE!

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Electronic Recycling Program

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Save Money, Energy, and Natural Resources

Electronic waste (e-Waste) is unwanted, non-working, or obsolete electronic devices that have reached the end of its useful life. Untreated e-Waste may contain hazardous material, which can pose serious risks to human health and the environment. Toxins contained in electronics, such as mercury and lead, can leach into drinking water and accumulate in plants and animals if not disposed of properly.

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